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Foreign Law Advice

ARF is equally committed to advising clients in relation to foreign law issues in the commercial and corporate fields in the EU, UK and the US. To maintain our competitive edge in the field of foreign law and regulation, we keenly keep abreast of all major prosecutions and developments in relation to corporate crimes in the Serious Fraud Office (UK), the Department of Justice (US), the Financial Conduct Authority (UK), the Prudential Regulation Authority (UK), the Dubai Financial Services Authority (Dubai, UAE) and so forth.

Advising on EU, UK and US law is a natural counterpart of our expert status. As we advise the foreign courts on Pakistan law, it is only natural for us to advise Pakistani courts and clients and government departments on the implications of foreign laws such as the UK Bribery Act 2010 or the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 1977. This work also dovetails nicely into our local work in the banking sphere under the Anti-Money Laundering Act 2010 and other criminal banking statutes such as the offences in Respect of Banks (Special Courts) Ordinance 1984.

Please visit our social media page for updates and news trending on these themes. Topics include but are not limited to issues involving executive pay, regulation and LIBOR related litigation and financial services reform. Moreover, analyses of rulebook changes and commentary on case law are also reported on the site.

International Organizations, Embassies, High Commissions & UN

The firm also renders professional legal assistance to a number of international organizations, embassies/high commissions and UN bodies in Pakistan. Firm’s assistance in general deals with questions relating to the civil law; labour and employment, private and public international law and in particular on acquiring ownership and/or leasing real estate and verification of titles for such purposes in view of their respective laws accordingly.

Our services include providing specialist Pakistani law advice to overseas and international law firms, who approach us to benefit from our expert, diligent and resourceful team, on a variety of local laws and procedural matters. Our breadth and depth of knowledge, resources, and professional manner of providing Pakistani law advice, at par with international standards and instills confidence and faith in overseas law firms to build long-lasting relationships.

Additionally, through our associated consultants in the UK, with strong expertise in commercial, immigration, and real estate practice, we are able to act for Pakistani businesses and nationals, who are doing or wish to do business in the UK, including provision of specialist immigration advice and representation, directly from solicitors in the UK.

We are proud to offer extensive legal services to overseas Pakistanis, with a special focus on British Pakistanis, through our collaborative arrangement with UK law firms. By providing a point of contact, within the UK, for overseas Pakistanis living in the UK, we are able to cater to the varied legal needs of British Pakistanis in the areas of family and inheritance laws, property laws, and civil laws. The engagement of legal services is undertaken through our associated UK firm, which also provides ongoing support and updates in relation to the matter at hand, whilst the legal work is diligently undertaken by us in Pakistan.